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Zara is the popular fast fashion label, the largest international fashion company in the world and vertically integrated retailer, which creates designs, makes merchandise, conveys their distributions and sales by their own means or under their immediate control. Today Zara takes in buyers over 77 countries to its retail chain of 1.516 stores in upper class places of the largest cities throughout the Earth. A regular Zara-owned clothing store comprises over 1500 square meters of modern style attires and accessories. The large international network highlights, that national frontiers are not an obstacle to fashion trends within a broad scale of people, cultures and generations, which, in comparison to their differences, all manifest a love for fashion. Zara's approach in developing design and new product is totally based on customers' feedback and meeting shoppers preferences. This is one of the main segments to brand's success entity in parallel with just-in-time system and quick [+]
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